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Polyester Pillow 550g

Pillow polyester fibre 550g

KSh 500

Polyester Pillow 750g

This inexpensive pillow option offers plush support for your head. Our pillows are resilient and durable and are moisture winking for hot sleepers who sweat a lot at night.

KSh 700

Microfiber Pillow 700g

Microfibre pillow 700g

KSh 1,600

Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillow

KSh 3,500

Duck Down Pillow

Enjoy an exceptionally plush feel that sinks beneath your head and neck. This light pillow is very moldable and ideal for snuggling. Our Duck Down pillows are naturally anti-allergenic and offer better temperature control.


KSh 3,700

Latex Pillow

Made of soft all-natural latex, this pillow has hypoallergenic and is free of dangerous chemicals. Get the right amount of head and neck support for less neck aches. Our latex pillows deliver maximum breathability so you stay cool throughout the night, even when room temperatures change.


KSh 7,456