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Orthopedic plus

Looking for a firmer upgrade? With the bonnel spring system, the Orthopedic plus offers steadier support, perfect for heavier body types who prefer extra support with a more rigid feel. Relish a steady night’s sleep for a restful experience.

KSh 19,495KSh 37,495


Specially designed to relieve pressure, the Royale mattress will have you sleeping like royalty. It features sleeping technology that is made to support areas of your body where weight is concentrated. What’s more, you and your partner will enjoy uninterrupted sleep with no ‘roll together’ effect.

KSh 22,995KSh 39,495


Like the name suggests, an experience on the Serenity mattress is one of calming and blissful sleep. The pocket springs provide the required support while allowing you luxurious comfort and ease of movement throughout the night.

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